Out-of-the-Box Ideas Through Analogy

Structured Analogy Consultants is a unique business consulting firm that specializes in the application of analogy to
rethink, redesign, and reinvent
business processes, products, and services.

  • Did you know that Henry Ford got the idea for automotive assembly lines from a Chicago slaughter house?
  • Did you know that the idea for the telegraph was invented based on knowing how stage coaches work?
  • Did you know that Gutenberg's printing press was a direct copy of a wine press?

These historical examples show how an appropriate analogy can lead to industry-changing break through ideas.

Structured Analogy Consultants is a company that can help you develop such paradigm-changing ideas. We have conducted research on how innovative ideas can be reliably generated by drawing on the natural creativity of you and your employees.

This structured analogical approach is firmly grounded in the latest empirical understanding of the basic psychological and cognitive processes underlying humans' innate ability to think creatively and analogically. The effectiveness of our approach for generating out-of-the-box ideas has been experimentally verified and the results published in research journals. Structured Analogy Consultants have now developed a series of workshops that simplifies the business idea generation process.

The approach has also been presented at a variety of conferences, including the 2003 and 2006 Innovation Convergence Conferences.

To explore this new way to solve your business problems, contact us at info@structured-analogy-consultants.com

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